First Frost this Morning

I woke up to a hard frost this morning. It’s the latest I remember during my 17 years in Michigan. I even checked my recollection: The first frost in Lansing tends to happen early in October.

My pepper plants have finally died. I will need to pick any remaining peppers today and compost the plants. Still, it’s the middle of November, and I’ll be eating kale, right from my garden, tonight for dinner.

As I walked around the wetlands this week, flashes of purple continually caught my eye–especially on the south and west spans of the trails. I was amazed at how late some wild flowers were hanging on. I regret that I cannot attest as to whether or not this is normal. I wish I had paid more attention all of these years. Sadly, the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting climate change tells me that I will probably see more and more late-season wild flowers as the years go on.

Still, the minute flecks of unexpected summer color in the fall were incredibly beautiful.

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  1. Rosalie says:

    This is lovely, Leslie. Did you take the photographs–they are very nicely done. We should go for a walk sometime in you wetlands. I would love it.

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